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The leading Chinese silicone manufacturer LYA
The leading Chinese silicone manufacturer LYA

LYA is aid to put silicone technology to work for our customers. We manufacture, package, and supply a variety of silicone products including...

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18 11
What Are The Processes For Preparing Silicone Products?

For many customers, usually they need existing products. For example, they place an order and pay for it today, and then they want to receive the goods today.But for the silicone industry, 90% of the products are customized. It is impossible to have many in st...

18 07
The Difference Between OEM And ODM

The Difference Between OEM And ODMAccording to my experience ,many clients more focus on the price of the silicone products when they find supplier ,they ignore the identity of the supplier ,dont know if  they are ODM or OEM,so today ,i want to tell ...

18 03
Custom Squeeze Baby Food Dispensing Spoon

Custom Squeeze Baby Food Dispensing Spoon Easy to clean & use.? Minimizes the messes? Makes on-the-go snacks simpler

18 01
Why Are There Impurities on The Production of Silicone Products?

When in the production of silicone rubber products, especially processed into wire, the wire surface with white or black impurities, an increase of filter can not be solved. Products appear such a problem is what causes it?To know the problem of impurities, we...

18 01
Why Should Some Silicone Products Be Sprayed Hand Feeling Oil?

There are many products and appearance of products in the silicone products industry. The surface feel and beauty are different.In the case of silicone cell phone sets, people often evaluate the feel of the phone's sleeve, some of which are rough,In the si...

17 12
How Long Is The Shelf Life of Silicone Products?

Silicone products shelf life is mainly calculated in accordance with two, one is in accordance with the number of uses, one is in accordance with the time of running in, not long ago Netizens asked, he put a stereo silicone sleeve put a year never used, and no...

17 12
Why Is the Silicone Products Hard For Demolition?

Silicone products in the production process, the demolition of silicone products is an important part of the process, demolition edge is to prune the flash of silicone products, but because of the processing technology or the raw material itself, resulting in ...

17 12
How to Efficiently Distinguish If a Product Is Made of Silicone?

Silicone performance advantages and more, so many products are name of the name of silicone, which makes consumers or manufacturers can not tell, so if it is effective to distinguish the product is not silicone products!With the progress and development of mod...

17 12
Can Silicone Product Be Sunned?

Recently many issues of silicone products are questioned on the internet. Today we just respone to the question if Silicone products can be sunned? Here we want to list the characteristics of silicone products: high temperature easy to clean and long life soft...

17 10
Still Using Label Stickers? Try Silicone ones.

We all know parents always prepare many many bottle for feeding milk or other liquid for baby. How to tell apart when storing? They will have many label stickers written their usage. But it will be a trouble when the words get dirty and not clear, they need to...

17 08
6 Tips When Choosing Silicone Baby Pacifiers

Pacifier is the baby's personal partner. It is touched by baby everyday, so it is very important for the baby. So  the young mom and dad, when choosing the pacifier, need to notice the material texture, milk hole size, and the life of the pacifier and...

17 08
What Is The Reason Why The Surface of Silicone Products Is Not Smooth

With more and more silicone products coming out in markets, there is no doubt that will be silicone products in different quality. When you are using some silicone products, you might find thier surface becomes not  smooth and also feel sticky, especially...

17 08
Temperature Sensing Spoon

Temperature Sensing SpoonTemperature sensing spoon is approved by moms,because it's safe, convenient.  The spoon will show different colors when the temperature is too high. When you use the spoon to feed babies, you donnt need to tast food first.Temp...

17 08
Differences Between 3D Printing and Silicone Sample Mold

Differences Between 3D Printing and Silicone Sample MoldSome clients want to make samples. And when they know there will be had a sample mold fee. Most of them will ask: how about 3D printing? 3D printing is cheap.  What's the difference between 3D pr...

17 08
The Difference Between Precipitated Silicone and Fumed Silicone

The Difference Between Precipitated Silicone and Fumed SiliconeThere are two different silicone: precipitated silicone and fumed silicone.What's the differences between precipitated silicone and fumed silicone?Precipitated silicone:it will become white whe...

17 07
How to Distinguish True or False Silicone Foam?

Now  the market quality of the product varies greatly. Today let's teach you  how to distinguish good and bad silicone foam. First of all, we have to sum up how many poor quality products there are on the market now?1, add powder. In order to red...

17 07
The Problems Existing In The Silicone Products

The Problems Existing In The Silicone ProductsDuring 2017 , i met some clients, who want to find new silicone products suppliers. I always asked why. I got answers: silicone flash on the product, silicone material, lead time, sewing, etc. I would tell clients ...

17 07
Find A Good Silicone Products Supplier Is Very Importment

Find A Good Silicone Products Supplier Is Very ImportmentBecause of our buyer leave 1 week. I contact with one of our suppliers. He is so hard to communicate,and need me tell him every detail. Even i sent him very clear files. That's very teasy.I'm wok...

17 07
Buddy Teething Wristband

Buddy Teething WristbandLYA is OEM baby products manufacture. In order to meet clients special demands, we have CNC machines, molded machines,Injection machines,and special sewing machines.  LYA not only produce silicone products, we also make silicone pr...