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The leading Chinese silicone manufacturer LYA
The leading Chinese silicone manufacturer LYA

LYA is aid to put silicone technology to work for our customers. We manufacture, package, and supply a variety of silicone products including...

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19 03
Find A Silicone Manufacturer

Find A Silicone ManufacturerI have a silicone teether want to develop, who can help me? How can i find a trust manufacturer? I have a silicone sleeve want to develop, who can help me make the 3D file? I have a silicone parts want to do, who can help ...

18 11
What Are The Processes For Preparing Silicone Products?

For many customers, usually they need existing products. For example, they place an order and pay for it today, and then they want to receive the goods today.But for the silicone industry, 90% of the products are customized. It is impossible to have many in st...

18 07
The Difference Between OEM And ODM

The Difference Between OEM And ODMAccording to my experience ,many clients more focus on the price of the silicone products when they find supplier ,they ignore the identity of the supplier ,dont know if  they are ODM or OEM,so today ,i want to tell ...

18 03
Custom Squeeze Baby Food Dispensing Spoon

Custom Squeeze Baby Food Dispensing Spoon Easy to clean & use.? Minimizes the messes? Makes on-the-go snacks simpler

18 01
Why Are There Impurities on The Production of Silicone Products?

When in the production of silicone rubber products, especially processed into wire, the wire surface with white or black impurities, an increase of filter can not be solved. Products appear such a problem is what causes it?To know the problem of impurities, we...

18 01
Why Should Some Silicone Products Be Sprayed Hand Feeling Oil?

There are many products and appearance of products in the silicone products industry. The surface feel and beauty are different.In the case of silicone cell phone sets, people often evaluate the feel of the phone's sleeve, some of which are rough,In the si...

17 12
How Long Is The Shelf Life of Silicone Products?

Silicone products shelf life is mainly calculated in accordance with two, one is in accordance with the number of uses, one is in accordance with the time of running in, not long ago Netizens asked, he put a stereo silicone sleeve put a year never used, and no...

17 12
Why Is the Silicone Products Hard For Demolition?

Silicone products in the production process, the demolition of silicone products is an important part of the process, demolition edge is to prune the flash of silicone products, but because of the processing technology or the raw material itself, resulting in ...

17 12
How to Efficiently Distinguish If a Product Is Made of Silicone?

Silicone performance advantages and more, so many products are name of the name of silicone, which makes consumers or manufacturers can not tell, so if it is effective to distinguish the product is not silicone products!With the progress and development of mod...

17 12
Can Silicone Product Be Sunned?

Recently many issues of silicone products are questioned on the internet. Today we just respone to the question if Silicone products can be sunned? Here we want to list the characteristics of silicone products: high temperature easy to clean and long life soft...

17 12
Some Tips on Purchasing Silicone Anti-slip Mat and Maintance of it

Non-slip silicone pad is a kind of silicone products made of silicone material, which has the characteristics of excellent high and low temperature resistance, non-toxic and tasteless, good transparency and high strength. It has been widely used in the market,...

17 12
Why Are There Some Dark Marks On Silicone Prodicts

When on the production process of silicone products, there may be times when the color is not the same table, and even the emergence of water ripples, this phenomenon is called dark marks, which is an undesirable phenomenon that has an impact on production, le...

17 11
What Are The Factors Causing The Lack of Toughness of Silicone Products?

The lack of toughness of Shin-Etsu Silicone Products is mainly due to the various properties of the products resulting from the various additives added to the raw materials. "White carbon black" is the main reason leading to the lack of toughness of ...

17 11
Advantages And Disadvantages of Thermal Conductive Silicone

Advantage           1, Soft material, good compression performance, good thermal conductivity and insulation performance, thickness adjustable range is large, suitable for filling cavity, both sides have n...

17 11
Why Will Transparent Silicone Get Yellow?

Transparent silicone products will not be yellow for a few years, but sometimes in production, some freshly-made transparent silicone products look yellowish and appear to have changed color. Why will transparent silicone products get yellow?1. Vulcanizing age...

17 11
Do You Know The Features of Silicone Pad?

Silicone pads are generally used as a buffer for machine work to better protect the machine and reduce wear and tear. Silicone pad has beautiful appearance, with anti-skid, collision avoidance, scratch resistance, high transparency, and is widely used in house

17 10
What is Printing Silicone?

Silkscreen Silicone is a kind of printing can be through the screen, and can be a very solid paste on the surface of the textile, most used for anti-skid, waterproof, anti-high temperature, anti-low temperature, health supplies, Silk screen silicone environmen...

17 10
Still Using Label Stickers? Try Silicone ones.

We all know parents always prepare many many bottle for feeding milk or other liquid for baby. How to tell apart when storing? They will have many label stickers written their usage. But it will be a trouble when the words get dirty and not clear, they need to...

17 08
What Is The General Production Standards of Medical Grade Silicone Tube?

As  the silicone has good chemical stability and biocompatibility, silicone material uesd to make the medical silicone tube is with non-toxic and  tasteless, physiological inert, resistant to biological aging, the  reaction to human tissue is sm...

17 08
6 Tips When Choosing Silicone Baby Pacifiers

Pacifier is the baby's personal partner. It is touched by baby everyday, so it is very important for the baby. So  the young mom and dad, when choosing the pacifier, need to notice the material texture, milk hole size, and the life of the pacifier and...