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First-grade quality

LYA  places great emphasis on improving the product and service quality,constantly introducing the high technology and advanced equipment to satisfy customer’s high-level demand.

What a company should contribute to the clients are more than products, but the quality and credit as well. LYA is incessantly seeking more space and stage of existent and development through quality improvement. We always implement strict quality control in our production according to ISO9001 quality standard.. We  believes that quality lies in each manufacturing process.

LYA adopts the use of professional measurement and test instruments such as: 3D coordinate measuring machines, projectors, environmental testers, eroding testers and so on.From incoming material to the outgoing finished product, every process is under our strict quality inspecting.

LYA is also making fully use of her exclusive ERP system to ensure the accuracy and traceability of all documentation, thus is vastly improving her management efficiency.

LYA  constantly improving quality gained high acknowledgment and praise from all over the world. LYA was awarded The Advance Private Technological Enterprise of China, The Key Enterprise of Mold Industry .LYA  is also honorably the Experimental Base ofMold Production.




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