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What Is The General Production Standards of Medical Grade Silicone Tube?

As  the silicone has good chemical stability and biocompatibility, silicone material uesd to make the medical silicone tube is with non-toxic and  tasteless, physiological inert, resistant to biological aging, the  reaction to human tissue is small, the value of human tissue will not cause  foreign body reaction, the surrounding tissue does not occur  inflammation, so it is widely used in the medical and health aspects. Medical  grade silicone tube is mainly used in medical drainage tube, medical  blood transfusion, medical catheter, silicone tube (with),  bio-pharmaceutical peristaltic pump silicone tube and other industries. Medical  grade silicone tube on the product quality requirements are  particularly high, are used high-quality imported gas-phase silicone  materials and advanced mechanical extrusion made. And it passes the EU ROHS, the US FDA certification and is in line with Chinese national standards.

Medical Silicone Tube Production LFGB European standard has the  following five major items: 1, cell 2, sensitization 3, skin irritation  4, toxicity 5, hemolytic hemolysis;
Medical  grade silicone tube using imported liquid silicone raw materials and  platinum catalyst system, advanced mechanical extrusion made. Product requirements through the relevant medical and health certification. Many  new devices are designed not only for use in long-term care equipment  for hospitals, but also for first aid facilities and home care  equipment. Therefore, the proper use of raw material for devices that  are in contact with human tissue is very important and is medical grade Silicone raw materials have unique characteristics. In  addition, medical silicone tube on the production environment is also a  great demand, the silicone products factory production workshop must be  long-term clean, clean, mechanical equipment should also be cleaned  regularly to produce a higher quality medical silicone tube.

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