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Why Should Some Silicone Products Be Sprayed Hand Feeling Oil?

There are many products and appearance of products in the silicone products industry. The surface feel and beauty are different.

In the case of silicone cell phone sets, people often evaluate the feel of the phone's sleeve, some of which are rough,

In the silicone industry, it is accurate to judge that it does not add a touch of oil, resulting in an unsmooth feel of the cell phone.

Let me tell you about the characteristics and functions of hand oil:

Silica gel hand oil is also called silica gel oil, silica gel oil, in fact, a lot of products of silica gel require a layer of oil, the purpose of spray oil is basically the same.

Several advantages of spray oil:

1. It can increase the surface smoothness of the silica gel product, feel the touch sensitive, and eliminate the feeling of the silica gel after forming.

2. Silica gel products are easy to be static in the process of mixing and forming process, thus it is easy to adsorb dust. After spraying a layer of hand oil, it can reduce static electricity.

3. The hand oil has the function of resistance to friction, and has the wear-resisting property, which is the longer life of the silica gel product.

There are many kinds of hand oil, which can be selected according to the need. It is divided into the following categories:

Surface effect: 1. Frosted hand feeling oil 2, mist face hand feeling oil 3, bright face hand feeling oil;

Wear resistance: ordinary and high wear resistance;

Curing temperature: high temperature curing and low temperature curing;

Construction technology: spray oil palm oil and silk hand oil.

The practical application of high temperature curing hand oil is described in detail below.

Type low temperature hot oil curing temperature is 80-120 degrees, baking time less than 30 minutes, mainly for products for P + R, because the temperature of the plastic and silicone products is lower, plastic deformation will be more than 120 degrees, so only choose hot oil at low temperature;

High temperature hand feeling oil is widely used, the curing temperature is usually 180-200 degree, the time is 10-20 minutes.

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