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What Are The Processes For Preparing Silicone Products?

For many customers, usually they need existing products. For example, they place an order and pay for it today, and then they want to receive the goods today.But for the silicone industry, 90% of the products are customized. It is impossible to have many in stock, unless there are existing molds. But a large number of still need to be prepared. Material production, here refers to the preparation of material is actually the "preparation of material work", is the first process of all customized products or large-scale production products. The following is a detailed analysis of the specific process of material preparation for you.            

  1. Ingredients, because the silicone material itself is colorless and transparent, it must add some additives in order to make the following marriage mixing and cutting, and also need to change the color of silica gel into colorful colors, so the ingredients need to add color masterbatches and bridging agents to help improve the appearance color, hardness and other requirements. The agent does.

  2. Mixing, when the preparation of silicone collagen material in the batching process meets the requirements of appearance color and hardness, what we need to do is mixing. Mixing is mainly to put the raw materials of silicone rubber products with good batching into the mixer to wake up uniformly and stir. The mixing process will directly affect the quality of the product after shaping.           

  3. Cutting is the last step in material preparation. Cutting is mainly based on the structure of the product. It is often applied to the silicone buttons and the smaller silicone rubber products. Because the smaller silicone rubber products may have many small silicone products in their moulds, which can improve the moulding process. The main purpose of cutting is to remove the edges and cut into small pieces.           

The above three processes are a basic process in the preparation of silica gel products, through which the delivery date can be on time without any third-party factors.

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