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What Is The Reason Why The Surface of Silicone Products Is Not Smooth

With more and more silicone products coming out in markets, there is no doubt that will be silicone products in different quality. When you are using some silicone products, you might find thier surface becomes not  smooth and also feel sticky, especially in the kitchenware or silicone mobile phone case. What is the reason why the surface of the silicone product is not smooth? Today, LYA will give you the answer:

(1) raw material problems, or due to improper maintenance.

(2)  when the mixing of raw material and curing agent is under unreasonable control and use, the amount of curing agent added less silicone products  are not completely cured, resulting in the surface of the product  sticky.

(3) the mixing of curing agent and silicone is not uniform, so one side of the mold is curing and the another is not  curing, resulting in the deformation of product after vulcanization because of different hardness.

(4) Finally, when in production, the mold is not clean, the inside of mold is not  smooth, which contains the residual material which led  to the phenomenon of material heavy material bump, resulting in the  product surface being not smooth.

(5) no secondary vulcanization, spray paint oil, etc., which means post-processing is not enough.

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