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The leading Chinese silicone manufacturer LYA

LYA is aid to put silicone technology to work for our customers. We manufacture, package, and supply a variety of silicone products including: Silicone baby series, silicone sealing mats, custom silicone compounds, silicone medical products, silicone promotional gifts , silicone industrial products and  silicone homewares.etc. Our materials have found use in areas ranging from critical electromagnetic interference  shielding gaskets to a lubricant for plastic components in an automobile. Our customers typically find us because they need a much shorter lead time, cannot get the product delivered to meet their packaging requirements, or have been unable to develop a custom silicone that works for their application.

baby products

Our mission is to use our experience in silicone technology to develop custom compounds that meet the most challenging applications. Through formulation expertise, we make conventional silicones perform extraordinarily for pharmaceutical, industrial, electronics and transportation applications. We work closely with our customers to help them achieve their goals for performance, quality, and cost. Success stories include optimizing a silicone’s behavior in its uncured state to improve a customer’s manufacturing efficiency and enhancing a dielectric grease formulation to enable a client to meet crucial UL requirements. Our typical customer considers us a preferred supplier because of our speed, flexibility, and commitment to quality.

Our factory also supply all kinds of silicone rubber tube.If you have any needs,Please contact us!

Shenzhen LYA silicone rubber products CO.,Ltd.



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