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The Difference Between OEM And ODM

The Difference Between OEM And ODM

According to my experience ,many clients more focus on the price of the silicone products when they 

find supplier ,they ignore the identity of the supplier ,dont know if  they are ODM or OEM,so today ,i want to tell clients that the difference between OEM and ODM


      ODM:more ODM company have a unique vision in the design of the product,they will give better adivce,and cater to the market

      OEM:because it the factory ,have done many products ,so they are easy to grab the tend of market

2) Structure of silicone products mold

      ODM:because odm company more focus on the design ,so they have less experience of the structure of products mold,they focus on design when communicate,

      OEM:they are know the structure and even know how to do the mold better when they see your design,then give advice

      in fact:the mold is very important first step in the production

3) Quality

    ODM:because the odm company have no their own factory ,so they cooperate with the silicone factory,no guarantee of quality

     OEM:the have experience ,and have done many products ,even know the what problems have to make this product and know how to avoid

in a short ,OEM company wiil help you grasp the market,and make sure the quality.and ODM help you design special products from their perspective

so ,find a good supplier is important 




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