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Still Using Label Stickers? Try Silicone ones.

We all know parents always prepare many many bottle for feeding milk or other liquid for baby. How to tell apart when storing? They will have many label stickers written their usage. But it will be a trouble when the words get dirty and not clear, they need to tear them off and stick the new one. If all the label stickers on the bottles wear off, it is really a terrible thing to stick new ones. However, LYA have found the solution - why not trying silicone baby bottle labels?

Some reasons allow the silicone baby bottle labels to replace label stickers:

1) Safty. Silicone is baby safe materials. The material used is FDA approve and BPA free.Parente dont need to worry baby's mouth touching it when they are not around.

2) Reusable. No need to prepare new one because the words can be erase adn rewrite. 

3) Washable. Easy to clean. It is dishwasher safe. If you write wrong words on it just clean it and correct it!

4) Stretchy. It is soft and stretchy so it can fit different sizes of baby bottle and save a lot.

Baby bottle is the thing baby offten touchs. Label sticker is relativly not environmental, so to create safe and comfortable environment for the baby, no hesitate to prepare some silicone baby bottle labels.

If you have any question of this proucts on how to use or how to customize, feel free to contact us. =)

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