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Silicone products

It is called silicone products processed with silicone as the main raw material,

Silicone is a kind of porous material with different particle size due to dehydration of silicic acid gel.

With an open porous structure, can adsorb many substances, is a good desiccant, adsorbent and catalyst carrier

The adsorption of Silicone is physical adsorption, can be recycled and used repeatedly. The alkali metal silicate (such as 

sodium silicate) solution with acid, the acid electrolyte, then adding a certain amount of mixing, which generates silicate 

gel; or in sodium silicate solution is strong in acid or ammonium salt can generate silicate gel silica gel. Standing a few 

hours to aging, and then wash with hot water soluble salts, at 60 to 70 DEG C and drying at approximately 300 DEG C when 

activated, can be soaked with Silicone. The cobalt chloride solution after drying and activation,  multicolor Silicne 


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