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How to choose silicon eproducts ?

With the continuous development of silicone industry innovation, as a result of silicone products in a wide range of applications in various industries, the market is also more and more silicone products, but there have been some inferior or fake silicone products, then buy silicone products, how do we go To determine the quality of silicone products do? In this case,

1. Tear strength and tensile strength

      Tear strength of silicone products with outstanding ability to resist damage, long life, not susceptible to external interference, the tear strength of silicone products generally appear in the tear process prone to cracks, and thus the rapid expansion of stress caused by the destruction of the phenomenon.


      Silicone products have good elasticity, because the high elasticity is mainly derived from the movement of silica molecular chain segments, so the purchase of silicone products to see when the elasticity of silicone products to determine the quality

In this case,

Third, fatigue resistance

      Silicone products subject to alternating stress (or strain), the material structure and performance of the phenomenon of change called fatigue. With the fatigue process, leading to the phenomenon of silicone products called fatigue damage.

Hardness and modulus

      Reflect the rigidity of rubber material (stiffness) of the important indicators, both silicone products produce a certain deformation required force.

5. Wear resistance

      Wear resistance is the production of silicone products have formed, the surface of silicone products can withstand the loss of capacity, good general surface of silica products rarely wear off the external surface of the product, does not affect the performance of the appearance, text, color. While the quality of low-quality silicone products, easy to swap the surface character.

 Therefore, the purchase of silicone products, the most important thing is to look at wear resistance, flexibility, tear strength. If the description is a good quality silicone products, if not satisfied to give up, so as to avoid the loss of financial resources

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