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How to Distinguish True or False Silicone Foam?

Now  the market quality of the product varies greatly. Today let's teach you  how to distinguish good and bad silicone foam. First of all, we have to sum up how many poor quality products there are on the market now?

1, add powder. In order to reduce costs, some manufacturers add low-cost powder into the silicone foam, which will not affect the use of  the product, but there will be problems of greatly reducing foaming, pluging the valve,  shortening the shelf life and other quality problems.

2, add sand. In order to increase the weight of the product, some manufacturers in the product add the sand to make it like real ones.

3, add oil. This product will bubble in the bottom after the oil leakage.

All above are in order to reduce costs and it is the behavior of deceiving consumers and disrupt the market. So how can we distinguish if the silicone foam is good?

Let's teach you the following tips that how to distinguish "true and false" silicone foam.
1, to see the size of the bubble, a good foaming is full rounded; poor foaming is small, and showing collapse.

2, cut the foam, look at the cells. If cells are evenly fine as a good  bubble, such as the cell is very large, and if the density is not good, it is  bad.

3, look at the adhesion. Good foam has strong adhesive strength, the poor has poor adhesion.

4, gun-style, playing foam, the bubble, not too thin can not be too  thick, too thin foam no collapse, too thick foam dry, easy to shrink  the bubble.

5, squeeze the rubber block by hand, good plastic size stability. Fully flexible after curing, soft and hard are not good.

6, from the color to judge. High-quality styrofoam came out after the milky white. Color is white or not very good yellow.

7, the use of finished products, shaking under the tank, a good product does not appear to play dirty situation

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