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How dust silicone products?

     After the production of silicone products, silicone products if there is no packaging, handling after warehouse storage for too long, sticky silicone products above it will be a lot of dust, silica dust above products to clean up more trouble.

      First, spray handle oil

     Surface coating layer of silicone products in the feel of oil, not only dust good effect, but they feel good, but the cost will increase oh.

     Second, the packaging process

     First with high-pressure air gun blowing clean inside of silica gel packed in plastic bags, plastic boxes and then loaded up, and finally with the lid up, so as not to be afraid of dust stuck to the surface of the silicone products.

     Third, the process of electrostatic

    Silicone products will be static, this is normal, you can change the recipe to eliminate static electricity to dust, look at the requirements of customers can be added into the oh-static agent, but need not change the physical properties of silicone, the need to communicate with customers clearly.

    to sum up:

    On the dust treatment, although various silicone products factory approach is not the same, but also take into account the cost of time, but if the article with silica dust, if the customer, the negative impact is very large, so dust silicone products plant to do the work, to prevent dust sticky silicone products above.

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