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How does the silicone taste be removed?

Silicone smell is not unpleasant. Why is there a smell? The reason is through the machine hot forming! Many raw materials once after a high temperature, it will smell, silica gel is no exception. Perhaps some manufacturers will add spices in the product additives, and exports to the United States strict FDA testing, a lot of spices additives is not too. The taste is normal, because the letter of silica gel products in the production needs to harden, the need for some added ingredients, the equivalent of chemical reactions in the catalyst, these substances are more flavor. Want to get rid of the taste, but also very simple, the following five ways to hope to help you:

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      1, the product will be exposed to air 2-3 days, the taste will naturally be dispersed.

2, the silicone sleeve on the water soak 2-3 hours, most of the taste can be dispersed. Can not simply think that the product has a fruit flavor, it must be qualified. In fact, the fewer ingredients to add products, the more assurance.

3, the use of Xinyu silicone deodorant, can effectively remove the silicone or silicone rubber in the processing and use of resin and additives may be released from the various smells, improve the production environment of silicone and the level of environmental protection products, the use of low, in addition to Taste high efficiency, easy to use, environmentally friendly non-toxic, the market should be able to buy.

4, with salt vinegar bubble, soak about 10 minutes out of the basic no taste. (This should be a quick way)

5, one hundred and fifty degrees, baked half an hour can also be in addition to taste

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