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How Long Is The Shelf Life of Silicone Products?

Silicone products shelf life is mainly calculated in accordance with two, one is in accordance with the number of uses, one is in accordance with the time of running in, not long ago Netizens asked, he put a stereo silicone sleeve put a year never used, and now come up with Can not use? There are many kinds of views on this issue. Some say that it can be used without deteriorating. Some say silicone materials can not be used for a long time. In fact, the shelf life of silicone products is mainly in accordance with the manufacturers' .
Some of our commonly used life silicone products are basically imported food-grade silicone, so the material is OK, the shelf life depends mainly on the performance of silicone and we added in the production of materials and use of ordinary products used in some industrial silica gel If it is not artificial for more than two years is no problem, we use silicone material is better life, in general, can be used for three to five years is no problem, but among daily necessities, due to the silicone in the humid air The performance will slowly reduce the degradation, so if it is too long to prevent life, or recommended not to use, for the shelf life of the silicone is mainly depends on the product's raw materials and uses, all kinds of silicone products have different shelf life , So when out of other performance, but also pay attention to the shelf life there are no special requirements, the future use!

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