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Find A Silicone Manufacturer

Find A Silicone Manufacturer

I have a silicone teether want to develop, who can help me? How can i find a trust manufacturer? 

I have a silicone sleeve want to develop, who can help me make the 3D file? 

I have a silicone parts want to do, who can help me manufacture  it? 


So many questiones, and finaly donn't know which supplier is a partner. I understand you.  As working 

in silicone factories,i want to talk my opinion: 

  1. talk with the salesman/saleswoman, if they can reply you quickly,that's the top one. 

  2. ask a quotation, if one factory can get back to you in the time he/she promised, that's a better supplier. 

  3. If your product structure is difficult, the sales said"that's no problem" even he/she hasn't see it clearly, that will be big problem. You project will be asked change here, modify there, that's horrible. 


If you're happening find a silicone manufacturer, hope i can do something for you. 




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