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The Problems Existing In The Silicone Products

The Problems Existing In The Silicone Products

During 2017 , i met some clients, who want to find new silicone products suppliers. I always asked why. I got answers: silicone flash on the product, silicone material, lead time, sewing, etc. I would tell clients the reason and how to solve the problems.

Silicone flash on the product:

Reason: the mold of the edge is not sharp. 

Improvement: 1.use good steel(718# steel, P20# steel), and make the edge sharp.   2. how to make the mold, that's very importment.

Silicone product will become white when clients pull it:

Reason: raw material

Improvement: use different silicone raw material. There are many different silicone raw material,common raw silicone material,high-tensile strength raw silicone, special raw silicone material. They have different nature. So if you donnt want the product become white when pulling, choose high tensile strength silicone.

Lead time:

Reason: manufacturer's capacity

Improvement: make another tooling, or find another supplier who have the capacity.

Sewing:(that's for special products)

Reason: machine

Improvement: choose the supplier who have special machine.

I only list a few problems on the silicone products. If you have any other question,please let me know. I'll try my best to help you.

Repoter: Vicky Mi

Email: sale1@lyasilicone.com


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