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Children's Silicone Placemat Production Process

Children's Silicone Placemat Production Process

Open mold - rubber mixing- cut rubber - hydraulic molding - demolition - secondary vulcanization - inspection - packaging - shipping

For different requirements and processes, the production process is also somewhat different, but the general silicone daily necessities of the basic production processes are basically the case.

Kids silicone pad production process looks relatively simple, the key element or high-temperature hydraulic molding, hydraulic molding of the three key conditions are time, temperature and pressure, different silicone products, hydraulic molding time, temperature and pressure are not the same , This will rely on the accumulation of manufacturing experience.

Silicone mattress manufacturing process is relatively complex, the production process if not control, what problems will arise? Broken bad and yellowing. Broken bad reasons: mold causes, operating practices, lift mold silicone products from the type of poor, poor plastic materials, forming the temperature is too high, silicone products, curing is not complete.

Children's silicone mats and other silicone products, the reasons for yellowing: in the production process of silicone products often found in the production process of silicone products easy to turn yellow. First of all, it may be the quality of the silicone material itself; Secondly, the general raw materials are difficult to avoid the silica gel after forming a little yellow color, if the silicone material is better then the color is very small, but if the silicone material is relatively poor, Then it is difficult to avoid the yellowing; In addition, it may be the production process, if the mold in the molding process when the temperature is too high or curing process longer, it may lead to children's silica gel mat color yellow.11.jpg

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