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Can Silicone Product Be Sunned?

Recently many issues of silicone products are questioned on the internet. Today we just respone to the question if Silicone products can be sunned? Here we want to list the characteristics of silicone products: high temperature easy to clean and long life soft and comfortable and diverse color green non-electrical insulation, low temperature resistance, thermal conductivity, radiation resistance.

Silicone is not afraid of the sun and heat. General polymer glue, such as polyurethane, polysulfide rubber and so on. The main chain of the polymer is carbon-carbon bond. Under the action of UV or high temperature in sunlight, the carbon-carbon bond will be broken, leading to the degradation and aging of polymer, and the service life is limited. Silicone polymer is silicone, the main chain of silicon - oxygen bond, the bond energy can be higher than ultraviolet light, sunlight and natural temperature environment will not degrade and aging. In the natural environment (minus 50 degrees to 60 degrees above zero) and direct sunlight, the service life of more than 30 years (glass curtain wall engineering application of proven life).

However, some silicone products can not be sunned, such as: silicone tube could not stand being sunned for a long time. There will be cracking under the sun, in addition to some other products also can not be sunned. So silicone products can not be sunned, so it is said, and some products can be, but some are not.
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