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6 Tips When Choosing Silicone Baby Pacifiers

Pacifier is the baby's personal partner. It is touched by baby everyday, so it is very important for the baby. So  the young mom and dad, when choosing the pacifier, need to notice the material texture, milk hole size, and the life of the pacifier and so  on. Now let me share the following 6 tips to you on how to choose a good pacifier.

1, The texture should be soft enough

Baby's gums are very weak, and the material directly affects the baby's  sucking and feeding, so soft pacifier hurts child's teeth less.

2, Milk hole size

If the through hole is big enough, and if it is smooth when sucking. When choosing the pacifier, you can look at the size of the hole, then go back to test if it is convenient for sucking.

3, See the reputation of the band

Generally choose a of the pacifier with good reputation is more secure, do  not choose yellow or other color products. Usually silicone is milk-white, colorless and tasteless material.

4, Pacifier and butterfly seat adhesion stability

Note if the pacifier and butterfly seat adhesion is stable, and if the  whole pacifier is bigger than the child's mouth, so as not to swallow the whole pacifier, which is dangerous.

5, Pacifier radians

It is better if the pacifier butterfly seat wing have curvature, and there are  ventilation holes for air circulation, saliva outflow, which can avoid oral angle or eczema.

6, Silicone pacifier life

If a silicone nipple is under deformation, damage, and so on, you need to  change a new one. In general, the pacifier only has about three months of life.

The  choice of pacifier is important, but when using it,  also need to pay attention to disinfection, good cleaning work, so as not to get diseased  from the mouth.

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