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What's the relationship between Platinum curing and Silicone

What's the relationship between Platinum curing and Silicone?

What is a platinum curing agent, platinum curing agent has also become platinum water, A / B bicomponent, it is in the presence of catalyst, hydrogen silicone oil and vinyl double bond silicon hydride reaction, so as to achieve cross-linking The purpose of curing, he needs to cooperate with Shin-Etsu raw materials used together to play the role of curing, then he performance?

1. Non-nurture the occurrence of any new low molecular, no smell:

   2. Health level in line with FDA.SGS.LFGB certification, compared with other similar products with more confidence.

   3. Once vulcanization is complete

   4. Good dimensional stability, low compression ratio:

   5. Save time and power, improve the effectiveness of consumption at the same time reduce the cost of consumption;

   6. Mechanical function has been greatly improved.

Platinum curing agent and Shin-Etsu silicone raw material curing after odor-free, high environmental hygiene grade, high transparency silicone tube. Dimensional stability and low shrinkage, tensile strength of products. Tearing strength. Rebound has made great progress.

     Platinum curing agent is also relative to other curing agent, the platinum sulfide environmental safety is better, it is no smell after vulcanization, high environmental hygiene grade, silicone transparency, tensile strength, rebound performance greatly improved. Widely used in medical supplies. Baby supplies. Tableware supplies and other industries.

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